MIDAC M2000 FTIR spectrometer [0.5 cm-1] with high resolution


The M2000 model is the version designed for those who use this type of instrument mostly in laboratories.

Its modular construction allows for the simultaneous installation of two Detectors, as well as the possibility of interfacing the system with different accessories (Microscopes, external detectors , etc.) via an external optics output.

The sample compartment is broad and flexible and allows for the insertion of different sample supports, so that you can scan any type of substance, whether solid / semi-solid, liquid or gaseous.

The main technical features of the CE 1000 series are:

  • Resolution varies from between 32 to 0.5 cm-1;
  • Standard beamsplitter in KBR / Ge "moisture coated" (damp-proof);
  • Spectral interval 350 ... 7800 cm-1. (KBr optics as standard; on request other optic versions);
  • SiC (Silicon Carbide) Source for IR, air cooled, with emission at 1650 Kelvin
  • completely sealed optics and covered to preserve the specifications over time.


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