Teledyne Tekmar, ex Tekmar Dohrmann, is a leading designer and manufacturer of analytical instruments for the laboratory. The instrument line improves the productivity of basic instruments with countless applications in many industries including environmental, pharmaceutical, water, food and beverage, forensics, toxicology, petrochemical, industrial / Chemicals & Polymers / Plastics. The VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) range is distributed worldwide, including preparation / injection systems for gas chromatography (GC), Purge and Trap productive, static and dynamic headspace, and automatic sample preparations. The Dohrmann range for TOC (Total Organic Carbon) and TN (Total Nitrogen) ensures an unprecedented accuracy, speed of analysis, high productivity and reliability for extremely heterogeneous samples such as grade water for semi-conductors up to sewage. The software complies with provisions 21 CFR Part 11.

Tekmar is a member of the prestigious Water Quality Teledyne Group.

TOC / TN (UV persulphate) analyser


Fusion; the TOC analyser uses the strong UV persulphate oxidation that allows for an excellent carbon liberation from even the most difficult matrices. Thanks to the use of the SPC system (Static Pressure Concentration), it achieves analytical sensitivity levels of up to (LOD) 0.2 ppb. TN Option in chemiluminescence. EPA 415.1- 415.3, 9060A complaint, 5310C Standard Method, ASTM D4779 and D4839, and prENV 13370, Cleaning Validation / USP TOC Method <643> / EP 2.2.44 / JP

TOC / TN (combustion) anlayser


Torch; Uses a system (patent pending) SPC (Static Pressure Concentration) for analysing TOC / TN using a high-temperature combustion. Complies with EPA 415.1, 415.3 and 9060A methods, Standard Method 5310B, EP 2.2.44, ISO 8245, EN 1484, USP 643 (Chapter 24), ASTM D2579, prENV 13370, AOAC 973.47. NDIR detector, extended measuring range for TOC 50 ppb-30,000 ppm. TN option

TOC (combustion) anlayser


Lotix; combustion TOC analyser designed for accurate measurement of carbon in aqueous solutions up to ppb levels. Reading via NDIR detector, Non-Dispersive Infrared detector. Ideal for greater efficiency in identifying TOC in sewage (5310B Method and EPA 415 Method), you can get an improvement of more than 25% in terms of efficiency. New generation NDIR detector, measuring range for TOC 50 ppb-20,000 ppm. Volume 0.5 ml for 13/15 minutes of analysis.

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