GBC Atomic Absorption Line

Thanks to over 30 years of accumulated experience in the world market satisfying the needs of analysts, GBC is one of the leading brands in the world for the design, development and construction of Atomic Absorption Spectrometers.

The analysis techniques include reading in flame, graphite furnace, the hydrides kit, DUET configuration (Flame and furnace with automatic transmission).

Single and dual-beam optics are available; the background correction is made with the Deuterium lamp or with Zeeman effect magnetic correction.

The accessories available include concentrators, autosampler / diluter, accessory for solids analysis, Super Lamp, etc.

Currently the atomic absorption line consists of five modular models that are fully configurable:

  • XplorAA; excellent quality / price ratio, 2 or 6 lamp tower that is compact and functional
  • SavantAA; highly automated instrument, automatic 8 lamp, automatic gas control
  • SavantAA Ultra Z; Graphite furnace with Zeeman correction, automatic 8 lamp tower
  • GeminAA; Double reading flame and graphite furnace wtih fully automatic transmission


Excellent quality / price ratio.

XplorAA, Next Generation Atomic Absorption. Semi-automatic model with single and dual optical beam, lamp holder tower available with 2 or 6 positions, optional motorised revolver for automatic transmission.

Automatic or manual control of gas, Deuterium lamp background corrector. Atomisation system set up for the flame, available accessories, Graphite Furnace, hydrides kit and autosampler.







  • EXTENDED RANGE 175-900 nm
  • Continuous variable pass band from 0.1 to 2.0 nm (20 slots)
  • Increase of 0.1 nm
  • Option for pressurised air, allowing clean air to flow through the instrument
  • Perfect for any laboratory located in harsh environments
  • Position arranged to install Super-Lamp (optional)

GeminAA Tandem Atomic Absorption Flame/Graphite Furnace AllInOne

Automatic changes Flame/Graphite Furnace, Automatic 6 cathode lamps


• 6 lamp turret with auto lamp peaking

 • Automatic switch over between flame and graphite furnace, 2 seconds 

 • Exceptional As and Se performance

 • Both the air-acetylene and nitrous oxide-acetylene burners are include

 • Patented unique optical design which withstands shaking or temperature changes

 • 1,800 l/mm grating for maximum resolution and energy

 • Variable Bandwidth 0,1 / 0,2 / 0,4 / 1,0 / 2,0 nm

 • D2 and self absorption background correction system

 • Smallest footprint of any Tandem AAS. 

The GeminAA models offer a true multi-component analysis, without compromise, ensuring the highest levels of performance at a remarkably low cost. Designed to be used with the utmost simplicity by the user, the SensAA models do not require the operator to change any lamp when it is necessary to change the element to be analysed, thus making the analysis fast and simple to perform.

SavantAA Atomic Absorption

Automatic 8 position tower

SavantAA, highly automated Atomic Absorption with dual-beam optics, 8position motorised tower, automatic control of gases and their mixture, and Deuterium lamp background corrector. Atomisation system set up for the flame, available accessories, Graphite Furnace, hydrides kit, autosampler, etc.

The SavantAA is an Atomic Absorption Spectrometer with real dual beam, designed and manufactured to take full advantage of the modular concept; the instrument can, in fact, be configured to best meet the user's specific needs.

The basic instrument provides important features such as automatic optimisation of the working wavelength, the automatic setting of the pass band and the optimisation of the supply current in the lamps.

The spectrometer is configured with an 8 position automatic lamp holder tower; the gas control system can have a normal or programmable setting and the burner can rotate automatically; the instrument also provides a built-in power supply for SuperLamp lamps.

Other important AVANTA features include:

- High energy reflection optics

- Automatic setting of the wavelength between 185 and 900 nm

- Continuously selectable pass band between 0.2 and 2.0 nm with automatic setup

- Noise reduction up to 40% by means of asymmetric modulation signal

- Correction of the rapid "UltraPulse" background up to 2.5 Abs

Avanta/SavantAA Ultra Z

Zeeman effect, variable magnetic field

AVANTA Ultra Z; Zeeman-effect, highly automated Atomic Absorption with dual-beam optics, 8 position motorised tower, automatic control of gases and their mixture and the Zeeman background correction for complex matrices. Automation system designed for graphite furnace, available accessories, hydrides Kit, autosampler, etc.


The Avanta Ultra Z model, simultaneously uses the longitudinal Zeeman effect with variable magnetic field, the transversal power of the graphite furnace and the latest "surface-mount" technology, ensuring unparalleled performance for the Absorption Atomic Ultra Z .


Some of the most important AVANTA Ultra Z-Zeeman effect characteristics include:

  • Rapid background correction for greater efficiency
  • The strength of the applied magnetic field is optimised in order to obtain the best results (sensitivity and dynamic range) in relation to the element to be analysed.
  • Automatic Graphite Oven alignment to ensure fast, simple and safe operations
  • Control of programmable gas with the gas deviation during the temperature gradients to optimise yield even on samples, particularly optics.
  • Automatic alignment selection of the lamps, with 8-position tower, to perform multi-element analysis (up to 20 different elements).
  • The Super Lamp technology allows you to increase the detection limits, making this instrument more sensitve and linear in what it offers.
  • High-capacity programmable PAL Autosampler with 150 positions for the sample, 10 positions that can be customised and others dedicated to standards.


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