CECIL UV / VIS / NIR optical dual beam spectrophotometers

Spectrophotometers in the AQUARIUS ™ 7000 and SUPER AQUARIUS ™ 9000 series are instruments with truly symmetrical dual beam advanced optics coupled with a front window photomultiplier. The optics in the CECIL dual beam range is the best that today's market offers, to ensure top quality optical performance.

The advanced microprocessor and sophisticated software incorporated, ensure a high analytic standard is maintained thanks to the constant monitoring and processing of the results that the instrument provides.

Each model is accredited with the ISO9002 certification and the "CE" mark as they are manufactured in compliance with the strictest EEC LVD and EMC 89/336 standards.

Dual beam UV / VIS spectrophotometer in the "AQUARIUS ™" series

Spectrophotometers in the 7000 SUPER AQUARIUS ™ series, thanks to the perfect symmetry of the two beams and the sensitive photomultiplier front window, represent the best technology applied to spectrophotometry, while maintaining low prices.

The main technical features of the 7000 SUPER AQUARIUS ™ series are:

• Graphic LCD high resolution monitor, total width of 430 mm with "scrolling display" function

• Instrumental Software in Italian complies with "Year 2000 Compliance" and GLP

• Pass band 1.8 nm (PHARMACOPOEIA regulations)

• Possible Ultra-micro sampling 50 µl (5 µl with a special ultra-micro-cuvette);

• Diffused light < 0,01% a 220 e 340 nm;

• Selectable scan speed of between 1 and 4000 nm / min in steps of 1 nm / min

• Acquisition and storage (up to 100) of spectra Absorbance and Transmittance, automatic calculation and print out of the position of the peaks and valleys with relative absorptions

• completely sealed optics and covered to preserve the specifications over time

• Independent Computer Tool (optional serial links designed with or without management software).

Dual-beam UV / VIS spectrophotometer in the "SUPER AQUARIUS ™" SERIES

The spectrophotometers in the 9000 SUPER AQUARIUS ™ series, combine very advanced optics, characterised by the perfect symmetry of the two beams and the highly sensitive front window photomultiplier, with a feature-rich software that is graphically pleasing and flexible.

The main technical features of spectrophotometers in the 9000 SUPER AQUARIUS ™ series are:

- High resolution LCD graphic monitor, overall width 430 mm with "display scrolling" function 

-Instrumental Software in Italian complies with the "Year 2000 Compliance" and GLP

- Variable pass band from 0.5 to 8 nm

- Possible Ultra-micro sampling 50 µl (5 µl with special ultra-micro-cuvette)

- Selectable scanning speed of between 1 and 4000 nm/min in steps from 1 nm/min;

- GLP conforming software incorporated for scanning in %T, ABS, derivates, spectrum re-elaboration, all the re-elaborations are highlighted on video and on paper (no need for PC)

- Software incorporated for quantitative analysis:

- Quantative analysis in A, %T, Concentration with monitor display of the linear, square or cubic curve calculated with a maximum of 30 standards

- Display with possibility of printing statistical data on the calibration curve

- Re-elaboration of the incorrect standards, possibiltiy of bringing back up, displaying and printing curves and methods

- Protective storage of 100 methods with possible calibration curves

- Report, absorption and spectrium difference, measurement of the areas with base line correction and multiple wave length analysis

- Calculation deriving from 1° to 6° degrees

- Overlapping of derived spectra

- Safety protection storage for 100 spectra

- Combined programming up to 10 wavelengths for each measurement cell

- Second storage compartment for cloudy samples

- Fully sealed and covered optics to preserve the specifications over time

- Independent compluter tool (optional serial link supplied with or without management software).

CECIL CE3055 spectrophotometer for diffused/ reflection reflectance readings

The CE3055 is an instrument capable of performing a wide range of reflection measures including:

  • Diffusion of specular samples
  • Total reflectance of hemispherical samples
  • Specular reflectance without diffused reflectance
  • Turbid sample transmission
  • Diffused reflectance of powders

It is, therefore, a machine designed for the analysis of samples such as lenses, chassises, films, powders, dyes in suspension, etc.

You can also buy software for the analysis report with all the Tristimulus values​, chromatic coordinates, dominant wavelength, index of Yellow, White, etc. as well as the data required to perform analyses according to the CIELab, Hunter regulations, with different lighting and angle of incident light.


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