Special, engineered instruments

Our company has designed and produced a number of systems for special analyses including:


FTIR OPEN PATH system for emission and transmission readings with an open optical path

Systems for environmental analysis and monitoring of emissions based on Fourier Transform Infrared technology (FTIR).

The Infrared analyser can analyse the IR spectrum (Middle IR or Distant IR or Near IR) using an open optical path (Open Path) established by the operator by simply placing the source module and the spectrometer / Detector / Telescope module so as to include the optical path in question between the two modules.

The system is easily portable and is simple and intuitive to use.

It consists of a swiveling Infrared source, a telescope to focus the incident radiation, a high-resolution FTIR spectrometer (interferometer and interchangeable optics and detector); it is all managed by a SOFTWARE running in Windows from a PC.

The user only needs to determine the optical path that interests him and, guided by the software, produce multiparametric analyses of different types of gases, of industrial, ecological and research interest.

Systems for the determination of indigo

The system for automatic determination of INDIGO is based on UV/VIS Spectrophotometry.

The spectrophotometer is part of a computerised system complete with automatic diluter and a software operating in Windows capable of handling the different modules as well as acquire and process data coming from them.

After the dye has been suitably diluted, the spectrophotometer establishes the UV/VIS spectrum of the Indigo which is analysed and normalised to a set of standards of known concentration.

The results are stored in a comprehensive report and can also be printed. 

The Software requires a compatible IBM AT PC and an automatic diluter with single syringe dispenser, Microlab model or compatible. 

The software which is the "heart of the system", is capable of producing a qualitative and quantitative determination of the dye in the dye vats:

- Quantitative Analysis of the weight of INDIGO in the dye vat based on the calibration line.

- Qualitative analysis with normalising of the absorbance spectrum of the vat compared with the spectrum of a reference standard.

- Control and automatic appplication of the dye dilution.

- Control of the dominant wavelength.

- Option of using previously analysed samples as new calibration spectra.


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