RFM800 series refractometers

The RFM800 series represents an important development in the field of refractometry.

The RFM800 series consists of three standard models that allow the operator to select the most suitable to meet their needs.

Models vary according to their:

» measuring range



The RFM870 model is the product that provides the best performance with a refraction index measurement field of 1.30 to 1.70 (RI) at a temperature up to 100 ° C, capable of covering the most varied applications in the chemical, pharmaceutical and oil industry.

Available units include: RI and sugar% (° Brix), with automatic temperature compensation based on the response of sucrose.

The machine has been designed for maximum versatility and functionality.

The Prism and measures were designed to prevent the sample from overflowing and contaminating the keyboard and components at the risk of the refractometer.

The high thermal stability coupled with automatic regulation detection system ensures quick and accurate readings.

The RFM800 series requires no external temperature control. 

The processor supports the software found in the instrument, that through a simple interface, enables quick measurements and stores experimental data and instrumental configurations. 

The ergonomic keyboard controls, via slider or numeric indexes, simple and functional navigation menus and everything comes with a high-resolution, high-contrast graphic display that shows large and conspicuous fonts, necessary for a custom configuration of the instrument and all operational parameters needed to make and store the analysis. 

The software complies with GLP standards. 

The simple and quick calibration procedure uses standards in liquid solution. 

The instrument can be connected to various peripherals and interfaces including printers and PCs and other instruments.

RFM300 series refractometers

THE RFM300 refractometers are the most versatile and popular. These instruments use the best technology available for Quality Control applications.

The models in the RFM300 series are designed for fast start-up, ensuring reliable and accurate measurements in addition to the always useful analytical data recording function.

The user can choose between the Brix scale, RI and more than 5 customisable units.

All models are equipped with a software that can store the results of the analysis including the date, time, operator, etc. as required by the most advanced modern laboratories.

High-density samples (suspensions, glues), colour and high viscosity do not present a problem and the instrument not only provides a repeatable read but even provides a "limited quality" measurement.

RFM100 series refractometers

Designed for maximum ease of use, the models in the RFM100 series are based on the most advanced automatic digital technology, while ensuring a very low cost.

These models have the data in Brix scale (Sugar%) representing the ideal refractometer for Quality Control in different sectors of the food industry (food, drinks, sugar, etc.).

All models are equipped with bi-directional RS232 to connect to printers and personal computers.


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