MIDAC FTIR MIR NIR Spectrophotometry


The MIDAC CORPORATION's FTIR spectrometers are modern and technologically advanced modular instruments. 

The MIDAC Spectrometer is a sturdy and compact laboratory instrument, and can be used both in research laboratories, as well as on mobile vehicles such as vans, helicopters, airplanes, and on line in industrial plants.

The optical benchtop developed along the lines of military specifications, allows you to work at high resolution under the most varied environmental and operating conditions.

The instrument, thanks to its unique construction techniques, has low operating costs guaranteeing a quality / price ratio that cannot be matched by other brands or models in the same category.

The Michelson interferometer, with patented movable mirror movement (US patent No. 4, 671, 656 etc.) runs on a "dual bearing" electromagnetic cushion. This eliminates any mechanical friction and allows for the interferometer to be automatically and permanently aligned (this does not require manual adjustment by the operator).

Its patented movement allows the spectrometer to operate in any position (Vertical, Horizontal, Oblique) and be easily placed on any support, inside a fume hood etc.

FTIR spectrometry, Gas analysis

Portable TITAN series and for industry

The Fourier Transformed Spectrometers in the TITAN series are designed to operate in a continuous flow according to the defined technique of "extraction" of the analyte. The tools can be configured with the installation of gas cells produced in different materials, with different optical paths (from 1 cm to 100 m) and with the possibility of a temperature control system and pressure control. The particularly robust, honeycomb construction, together with the unique interferometer features allow the use of the analyser in every position and under any kind of operating condition (outside, on a mobile vehicle, on an industrial plant, in damp, dusty places, etc.). The unusual technology used to manufacture these analysers, makes them robust and precise like no other emission analysis system available today; its technical specifications are, in fact, even higher than many FTIR Spectrophotometers used in research. The resolution is 0.5 cm-1, the MCT (Mercury Cadmium Telluride) Detector and the wide spectral range 7800 ... 350 cm-1, belong to the narrow field of research instruments, making the MIDAC system unbeatable by any other analyser of its kind.

FTIR spectrometry, Gas analysis

Open Path Systems

The Fourier Transformed Spectrometers in the M2400 series are manufactured to operate in emission. They can be equipped with a telescope for pointing on samples furthest from the detection system. Its manufacturing specifications are identical to the TITAN series above.

The M240X model forms the basis for the different optical "Open Path" monitoring systems and infra-red radiometry.

The basic system operates in Emission, up to about 50 meters.

In order to operate beyond 50 m up to about 1 km, use of an appropriate Telescope is required.

If the temperature difference between sample and detector is insufficient for the detection of the same sample, the system can easily be transformed into the "Bistatic Configuration".

The bistatic configuration includes the addition of an external source to the emissive system, in order to recreate the same operating conditions of traditional transmission jobs.

Depending on the OPERATING ENVIRONMENT and SPECTRAL WORK INTERVAL, it is essentail to diversify the type of optics and detector.

20 mrad field of vision. (without a telescope). 3.8 cm opening

The MIDAC CORPORATION can offer operating spectrometers in MIR and NIR, with suitable detectors and fully hydrophobic optics.


Interspec 200-X FTIR spectrometer

Modular FTIR spectrometer for applications in the industrial, pharmaceutical, food and research industries, etc.



  • Wavelength range, IR 7000 to 400 cm-1
  • Wavelength range, NIR 15000 to 3850 cm-1
  • Resolution, standard 2 cm-1 (8 cm-1 - NIR)
  • Resolution, option 1.0 or 0.5 cm-1
  • Self-aligning interferometer
  • 30 mm beam diameter
  • f 3.2 ratio opening
  • Beamsplitter, standard IR Multicoated KBr
  • Beamsplitter, option ZnSe, CaF2, CsI
  • Beamsplitter, standard NIR Fused Silica
  • Frequency reference HeNe laser
  • Emission port Option
  • Sample compartment W20xD26xH16 cm
  • Beam at sample 10 mm dia.
  • Accessories Ordinary FTIR accessories
  • IR source High intensity air cooled
  • NIR source Quartz-halogen lamp
  • Detector, IR Standard low noise DLATGS
  • Detector, IR Option MCT
  • Detector, NIR Si, InGaAs photodiode
  • Purge possibility Yes
  • Operating system Windows 98 / XP
  • Power 90-230 VAC, 12 VDC, 40 W
  • Dimensions W59xD39xH19 cm
  • Weight 24 kg
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