HPLC-GC-MS Multidimensional chromatography

KONIK K2 / K2 Q12

ERRECI presents KONIK K2 Q12, the first and innovative Multidimensional chromatography (HPLC +GC) fully automatic combined with Mass detector, three instruments in one solution, HPLC-Mass+ HRGC HPLC-HRGC-Massa-Massa.

The Konik brand, the industry leader, provides a system capable of interfacing techniques HPLC / GC and / or HPLC / GC / MASS.

Specifically the Multidimensional Chromatography System Konik K2 and K2 Q12 consists of the modules:

• HPLC chromatographic system, complete with a choice of detector (UV-VIS / RI / etc.), including the mass for creating LC-MS, useable as a single module or used as pre-analytical system for multidimensional chromatography HPLC / HRGC-Mass.

• HRGC Gas-chromatographic system High resolution, suitable for "Fast GC", complete with a choice of detectors (FID / ECD / NPD / etc.), inclduing the mass for achieving GC-MS, usable as a single module, or used as a post-analytical HPLC system for multidimensional chromatography HPLC / HRGC-Massa

• Mass Detector interfaced with the HPLC LC-MS, with the HRGC for HRGC-MS detector or as a reader for the HPLC / HRGC / MASS multi-dimensional chromatography system

• TOTAD interface for the automatic transfer of the fractions of interest between the HPLC and HRGC.

The modules are single and independent, purchased separately and at different times.

You can start from the following configurations:

• HPLC, HPLC system complete with UV / RI / Fluorescence / conductometric / etc detector;

• LC-MS, HPLC complete system of Mass detector;

• HRGC, High resolution gas chromatographic system suitable for "Fast GC" complete with FID / ECD / NPD / etc .;

• GC-MS, High Resolution gas chromatographic system complete with Mass detector;

• HPLC / HRGC / MASS Multidimensional Chromatography complete with TOTAD interface system.

The advantages of the innovative system are automation and sample preparation at maximum productivity, speed and ease of use.

The K2 system allows for direct injection into the system of complex matrices such as urine, plasma, blood, olive oil, mineral oils, petroleum fractions, etc.

For example, it is possible to inject olive oil samples, without any pretreatment of the sample and use the HPLC system as a pre-analytical technique; following this, the GC-ECD system and / or GC-Mass may be used for the analysis of pesticides or other substances of interest.

TOTAD® Thermostat interface allows direct and automatic analysis of the incoming stream by HPLC; the transfer to the Gas Chromatograph is carried out using a PTV (Programmed Temperature Vaporizer) injector filled with an absorbent trap, eliminating or drastically reducing sample preparation time and cleaning between samples. Patented system.



Main benefits

  • Simplified sample preparation
  • Full automation
  • Reduction in analysis time
  • Reduction of solvent consumption
  • It allows for quick and easy development of new analytical methods or the improvement of methods already developed
  • It guarantees the integrity of the sample by increasing the amount of recovered substance making its quantification easier
  • Selective or universal revelation (Target Analyses and Un-target)
  • Improve the detection limits
  • Qualitative analysis suited to routine analysis thanks to the double retention time (HPLC and GC) and / or via the Mass detector
  • Independent use of each module (GC, HPLC, MS) for standardised analysis on these platforms, allows the addition of other modules like ROBOKROM autosampler, headspace, P&T, SPmE, etc ...


Konikrom Plus Software multitasking for acquisition, instrument control and data processing for Konik K2

• Multi-tasking software, multi-instrument, multi-detector

• Management of up to 4 chromatographic systems / instruments, each of which can use up to 4 detectors

• Each instrument has an independent detection (signal start / stop)

• E.g. Konikrom Plus 4-2, means 4 instruments with two detectors for each functional unit

• These include control modules for Konik HRGC 5000 B, 4000 B; 4000 C; 5000 A; HPLC 550 A and 600; MS Q12; K2 HPLC-HRGC and Robokrom autosampler

• Data acquisition from the MS Q12 Konik mass spectrometer

• Integration frequency up to 100 Hz;

• 24-bit resolution with 4 inputs and 8 auxiliary outputs

• Algorithm optimised for the detection of hundreds of peaks in a single stroke. Simple system for reading the data previously acquired

• Storing data, methods, calibrations and work sequences

Integration with data from the 30 possible different parameters (peak width, threshold, slope, etc.) selectable at separate times and storable in an integration table

• Calibration curve calculated with 6 different algorithms, using up to 20 levels; You can create groups, reference peaks, LOD and LOQ; unlimited number of peaks

• All of the above parameters can be stored in a method file

• 12 predefined mathematical operators, 15 base functions, Kovats Index, the ratio calculation signal / noise, etc.

• Import / Export function in ASCII, AIA, dBase format

• Instrumental control, control of the furnace and autosampler, positioning the lamp holders turret, QC and GLP procedures

• Full support for GLP and 21 CFR Part 11; paasword protection, password expiry, electronic signature, control testing, customisable user access, IQ and OQ

• Compression algorithm of MS data

• Full control of the Robokrom autosampler

• Direct connection with NIST05 / 08 libraries, spectral search function

•Use of a Personal Computer is required.

Optional accessories available:

• OQ validation kits, SST System Suitability Test, HPLC system control not Konik, GPC module, PDA module.


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