UV / VIS / NIR Spectrophotometry

UV / VIS / NIR spectrophotometers with virtual dual beam and optical dual beam optics. The range covers all requirements from routine quality control applications up to high performance systems with very low diffused light. Special versions are available for water analysis, food analysis (food and drink), molecular biology (micro-volumes for nucleic acids) and Tablet Dissolution.


UV / VIS spectrophotometers for Molecular Biology applications (DNA, RNA, proteins, CyDye, Oligo, etc.) are available with the classical sampling cuvette technique, or with the "drop" option to use microvolumes (up to 0.5 μl with μLite port).

UV / VIS / NIR biochrom spectrophotometer

Libra Series, single or dual beam

UV / VIS / NIR spectrophotometers at excellent value for money, full colour graphic display Touch Screen; measuring range 190-1100 nm; They are particularly suited to meet different types of applications, such as quality control, teaching, analysis laboratories and the pharmaceutical industry right up to research. The more advanced models are complete with instrumental validation software, all the accessories for sampling such as cell changers and thermostatically controlled systems. There are Xenon lamp models available which allow for instant and dual-source readings (deuterium+Tungsten) for maximum energy.

Thanks to Aquire software you can connect spectrophotometers to a PC for data acquisition and data processing, and instrument control. Data can also be exported via USB flash drive.

GBC UV/VIS/NIR Spectrophotometry

CINTRA UV/VIS/NIR optical dual beam high performance spectrophotometers

The new series of high performance Cintra dual-beam spectrophotometers provides the versatility needed for different applications in a modern laboratory. The range covers all requirements, starting from routine applications for quality control systems up to high performance with very low diffused light, analysis up to 4 absorbance units and variable pass band in a continuous and double monochromator. In addition to the traditional accessories such as cell changers, thermostating systems, Sipper, etc., the integrating sphere for readings of solids in transmission or reflection is also available. The Cintra series is managed thanks to the new, versatile Cintral software complete with functions such as kinetics, scanning, colour analysis, molecular biology analysis, self-assessment functions, etc.

UV/VIS/NIR Cecil spectrophotometry

Aurius/Super Aurius UV / VIS / NIR optical dual beam and virtual spectrophotometers


New series with integrated display Chart and E-SEF software update. The whole range has fully sealed high performance optics in common, with very low diffused light, 0.01% T. Scanning or fixed wave length systems are available. Spectral field 190 ... 1000 nm pass band 1.8 nm (Pharmacopoeia).

All models can be implemented with different software and hardware accessories capable of meeting the needs of all types of users


Thanks to a series of software, it is possible to connect the spectrophotometers to a Personal Computer for data acquisition and instrument control




Our range of spectrophotometers is rounded off with a few special versions; these, not only guarantee all the functions of a modern spectrophotometer, but are enhanced with the storage of different analytical methods to assist the operators in water analysis, Food analysis (food and drink), in the pharmaceutical field (Tablet Disoolution) and Molecular Biology. The following analysers are available:

  • DietQuest; UV / VIS Spectrophotometer with software for analysis in the Food and Drink industry
  • BioQuest; UV / VIS Spectrophotometer complete with analysis software in the field of Molecular Biology, DNA, RNA, proteins, bacterial growth, etc..
  • GeneQuest; UV / VIS Spectrophotometer with software for analysis in the field of DNA / RNA
  • PharmaQuest; UV / VIS Spectrophotometer with software for analysis in the Pharmaceutical industry


The integrating sphere for analysis of solids in transmission and reflection is one of the many accessories available.

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